“Mr.Callahan's driving school is the best. You learn absolutely everything you need to know in a matter of three days. He’s a very patient teacher, and when you make a mistake he will simply tell you what you need to do next time to get it right. I learned how to parallel park in 3 steps, which is great! Mr.Callahan made learning how to drive a great experience for me and i'm sure anyone would enjoy him as a driving coach. I passed my license test my first attempt, you can do it too!”-

                                                - Alicia, Freemansburg, PA

“Thanks so much Brian! Nate got his license on his first attempt! What he gained from your driving class was critical. I am so impressed by his driving skills, his level of caution and safety awareness, and his confidence. Thank you for the piece of mind I have every time he goes out the door with the car keys in his hand! I  will continue to recommend your school to others.”


                                                - Kari, Bethlehem, PA

“Mr. Callahan was so easy to work with. I am a nervous driver and he coached me through the hard parts about driving around the Bethlehem area with a professional approach to learning driving skills. I think the fact he is a high school teacher and coach made all of the difference. I passed my test the first time around and couldn’t have done it without this service!”

                                               - Samantha, Bethlehem Township, PA

“Thank you for everything. When I finally got that license in my hands, I felt so happy that I could have run a marathon. It amazes me that I was able to learn so much from you within a matter of a couple of lessons. Though I have had previous lessons with another instructor, it just didn’t compare to what you shared with me. You were amazing and gave me easy, simple tips that helped me be a more comfortable, confident driver. Don't worry, I still remember what you told me the day we drove home from the test-  ‘You are no better a driver now than you were five minutes ago.’  Thanks for everything! 

                                                - E.R., Bethlehem, PA